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Bookkeepers are always needed, but it’s an industry that doesn’t require a great deal of space or start up income. This means that it has been a popular choice of home industry for many years.

What goes into a bookkeeping business?

Entrepreneurs and small businesses abound. It’s vital in any business that accurate and complete financial records be kept, otherwise it is highly unlikely that any kind of accurate business decision can be made, however most owners lack either the correct financial knowledge or the time or both to undertake this vital service themselves. They will look to an external bookkeeper to help them with this critical task.

What types of bookkeeping services are there?

At its most basic, bookkeeping only refers to the process of compiling the financial information records. This is, of course, bookkeeping at its most simple, and many bookkeepers make sure that they are much more qualified then this- in fact, many are actual accountants and can offer the full host of financial services the business may require. Even those who are not full accountants will also offer services for which they are qualified, like tax preparation, to allow their clients more holistic services and help them fully with their financial tasks. This also, of course, increases the revenue a bookkeeper can earn. More details here.

Is there a future for bookkeeping?

Accurate financial records are a vital part of the tax cycle, so it’s unlikely to ever ‘go out of fashion’. Most people are either scared of or simply bad at handling their own finances and money. Even those who could often don’t want to, and many people resent having to undertake financial reporting. It’s a field that’s here to stay and while you may face stiff competition, a determined and quality individual can make it work.

What are the pros and cons to a bookkeeper business?

Of course, with your host of great clients will come the dubious ones. It’s inevitable you will get the clients who want to operate in the grey area of the law, or even downright cheat. Skirting the law is a dangerous game and will not work long time for you. Of course, even if you avoid these, working from home attracts distractions like family- and you cannot afford to mess up a client’s finances because of this. All the same, it’s attract vie as an at home business, give n how little space and start up costs are required.

Do remember that bookkeeper is a job that carries the requirement for real professional accreditation with it. You will need to be able to demonstrate professional membership and proper accreditation with the relevant bodies and authorities for each service you wish to undertake. It’s not an unskilled post, and legalities in Melbourne insist on certain minimum standards being met. Overall, it’s not the easiest of home business ideas to break into, but a very rewarding and potentially lucrative one if you are able to meet the requirements necessary to be a bookkeeper.

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Bookkeeping Explained

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Bookkeeping is the duty to record the financial transactions and information pertaining to a business, on a day-today basis. It is concerned to ensure that records of financial transactions for those individual are accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive. Therefore, accuracy is important and vital to that bookkeeping process.

Bookkeeping must not be confused with accounting. Bookkeeping is more the preliminary work that provides the information that goes into the accounts.

In fact, if you compare the differences between bookkeeping and accounting then you will reveal the true essence of the definition of bookkeeping.

What does bookkeeping involve?

Common financial tasks and transactions that are involved in the bookkeeping process are mainly including:

• Billing for services provided or goods sold to clients.
• Recording customers’ receipts.
• Recording and verifying and invoices from suppliers.
• Paying every supplier.
• To process the pays of employees pay and the related reports for the governmental.
• Monitoring the individual accounts receivable.

• Recording and other adjusting entries.

• Providing financial reports.

How is bookkeeping done?

Nowadays, the bookkeeping process is performed with the use and help of computer softwares. QuickBooks (from Intuit) is – as example– a low-cost an accounting and bookkeeping software package. Bookkeeping requires knowledge of credits and debits and a basic understanding of financial accounting process, which is including a balance sheet and income statement.

The difference between Accounting and Bookkeeping

Katie Bunschoten, is the owner of consulting and bookkeeping firm; KHB Office is helping new businesses get up and running, and tutoring owners how to keep at the top level of accounting. A Small Business Blog had recently asked for her take on accountants vs. bookkeepers and when to hire them.

She says that ultimately bookkeeping is as literal as it sounds: it is the keeping of books i.e. the production of financial transaction records. Accounting is more to do with the analysis, reporting and even possibly the consulting and advice sharing based off of the back of these reports.

No transaction is exempt from bookkeeping, including loans given and received, sales and deductions as well as private expenses. Whatever goes in or out of the business is recorded with full accuracy.checkout this website for more information.

The double entry system of bookkeeping

The double entry system of bookkeeping is based upon a fact where every transaction involves two parts and that this will therefore affect two ledger accounts.

Can you guess what these two things are? …yes you’ve got it, debts and credits. Or outgoings and incomings, whatever you want to call them they are the cornerstones of your business.


Every transaction involves a credit entry in one account and a debit entry in another. Any errors occur when the books do not ‘balance’ i.e. the sum of all the debits do not tally up with the sum of all the credits.visit for more detailed information.

In conclusion, bookkeeping using bookkeepers, is namely the keeping of financial transactions, different to accounting in that it’s more the preliminary process where the data is retrieved and stored.

Build and keep a great relationship with your bookkeeper

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In the resent life of hustle and bustle, “Bookkeepers” are like the bliss of God for the business runners. The business owners don’t find enough time to poke their noses in the financial balance sheets, their accounting and calculations. Thus most of the business runners go for the option of hiring a Bookkeeper. You must have to keep in mind that hiring of a good and proficient Bookkeeper is not enough.

You would have to take care of his needs, his demands, and you must have to keep check and balance on him. Without building a warmth relation, you cannot expect extraordinary results. Your Bookkeeper will be like your second hand help, so be precautionary about him as much as you can.

Tips for creating a great relationship with your bookkeeper:

Do screening very wisely:

The best way of liking your bookkeeper is to hire the one which exactly fulfill your demands. It means, you would have to be very keen during the screening process of your Bookkeeper Melbourne. It will be like “prevention is better than cure”. Yes, get fully satisfied with the bookkeeper, his skills, his tactics and his ways of dealing with job. If all the things give an exact match as the “glove fits in the hand” then do screen the person. Otherwise go for another option.

Be friendly:

As you are going to put your all accountings, and your all financial payrolls in the hands of the Bookkeeper Melbourne, so you must be friendly enough to him that he can easily discuss the bumps and the dumps of the later issues. If a case come, where the Bookkeeper find something hard or if any issue strike the bank roll then instead of choosing wrong ways he can directly come to you and can discuss the real problem.

Check and balance in mandatory:

Becoming friendly does not mean put all the work burden at back and give a loose thread to the bookkeeper as much as he start doing whatever he want. No! This is not right way. Excess of everything is bad. You must opt for the central path. Keep checking the account sheets and the payrolls for sake of preventing from the major blunders.

Open the doors of communication:

Open the wide doors of communication for your Bookkeeper Melbourne. Make proper visits and hold proper periodic meetings. Communication gap can create many later problems.

Be patience:


Be patience in getting the result back from the bookkeeper. Keep in mind, handling of accounts is not a simple task. It demands very care and precautions. So, if bookkeeper demands little time for entering the feedback then let it be.see their website at to get latest updates.

Provide all mandatory facilitations:

Your bookkeeper can be in need of some extra facilitation like proper room environment, no noise and no entrance of extraneous variables. So, for sake of getting hundred percent results, you must give all the facilitations to your Bookkeeper Melbourne in accord of his demands.

Some Benefits of accurate Bookkeeping Accounts

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Bookkeeper task

There are numerous reasons why keeping accurate accounts using bookkeepers will benefit your business.

Making Informed Decisions

Firstly, working with bookkeepers on your accounts will also help you make informed decisions about any issue. If you maintain your bookkeeping processes and completed them on a weekly basis then BAS returns, budgets, end of year financial statements and your tax return can be completed more efficiently.

Identifying Problems

Bookkeeping using your favorite software will help you identify any key problem areas especially as your accounts will be up to date. The reason for this is that you can regularly and more accurately be informed. You may have never thought about it but by keeping your books up to date by hiring a bookkeeper you could potentially save money. In fact it’s pretty much guaranteed as you will now be able to spot any insufficiency that may cause financial problems. For example, you could notice that your most recent marketing plan was not having the desired effect. You would then stop this particular campaign before you wasted any more money and change direction, maybe utilizing your marketing budget on something more productive. Ultimately you will have more time to promote your core business growth rather than wasting it following endeavors that are not working,

When tax time arrives you want to make sure that your business is able to deduct all expenses in order to reduce payable taxes. If your accounts are incomplete or not ready this may cost your business more in the long run. Moreover, it’s always great to have your taxes in order so you know exactly what your net profits are. This is where hiring a bookkeeper will come in handy

Business Expansion

When you want to expand your business banks will typically look for clean and up to date financial statements before making a lending decision. When you provide timely reports, all financial institutions will help and be better inclined to help your business with additional credit or increasing loans. By having regular re conciliation’s and engaging a bookkeeper to manage your books, your business will be seen by the bank with more credibility, when additional funds are required.

With accurate books, you will have a clearer picture of your business so you can make projections for future expenses and future income and also for upcoming project, and that is the way to give your business the right direction toward increasing growth. A business budget will help your management team to spot problem hotspots or even business wins and areas of growth that you can extrapolate on.

Cash Flow Projections

Furthermore, when managing your business you will need to focus on generations some cash activities, as cash is not equivalent to any accounting profit. By focusing on actual cash flow projections, it can provide an accurate indication of your business being able to meet short term obligations. When reviewing regular reports from debtors, you will be given a more accurate position of how quickly your clients pay you and you will be able to identify areas for improvement.

Bookkeeper task

To conclude, bookkeeping is essential for your business to develop for many reasons. Regular assessments and cash flow projection could in turn lead to business expansion. If you are looking for a bookkeeper then why not check out They can help with your inventory management, payable accounts, receivable accounts, payroll and much more.

Need Accounting and Bookkeeping Services? Find out why it could save your firm

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Accounting and Bookkeeping

If you are a broker dealer then accounting and bookkeeping services are something you may want to consider for your next accounting audit. Many broker dealers are turning towards accounting and bookkeeping services in order to save time, money and a lot of precious energy. The fact is that if your firm were to acquire accounting and bookkeeping services it would not only cut your preparation time down considerably, but it would also cut down your stress level since you know that your accounting is being handled by a consummate professional. This is imperative if you want to remain competitive in this extremely cut throat business.visit for more helpful information.

In recent years the regulatory community has been doling out hefty fines to all broker dealers who do not follow their accounting compliance program to the letter and who do not have a solid accounting team in place. Accounting and bookkeeping services can help your firm fulfill their accounting requirements all while you remain focused on your clients instead of the regulatory community. By hiring outside accounting and bookkeeping services it allows the work to be done within a fraction of the time and with none of the mistakes.

Accounting and bookkeeping services are already being used by most of the larger broker dealer firms, who understand their importance to their overall accounting compliance. If you are not sure if accounting and bookkeeping services are for you then you need to think about the consequences for passing up on this invaluable opportunity. Since 9/11 the regulatory community has been cracking down on all firms who do not have a solid accounting compliance program in place, including a strong AML program. By having your accounting and bookkeeping services done for you by professionals it will allow your firm to avoid hefty fines and penalties which the regulatory community seems only too happy to dole out at this time.

But not all accounting and bookkeeping services were created equally and you need to find the right firm to do all of your accounting compliance work if you want to remain out of hot water with the regulatory community. One of the best ways to find the right accounting and bookkeeping services is to see who the large broker dealer firms are using for their accounting compliance needs. By using the same accounting and bookkeeping services as the big boys you are ensuring your firm is being represented by the best in the business. If you are in need of reputable accounting and bookkeeping services then this can be the most effective way to find the right firm for the job.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

If you are ready to hire reputable and established accounting and bookkeeping services, then just fill in the form to the right of this article or call the number at the top of the article. An accounting and bookkeeping services specialist will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have concerning your accounting compliance status or steps that you will need to take in order to remain compliant with the regulatory community.